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I have a rare genetic disorder that caused me severe chronic pain throughout my whole life, as well as treatment-resistant depression. I tried every treatment that I/my doctors could find, including opioid pain medications and antidepressants, for years. After discovering Springs Ketamine Infusions, discussing treatment with Brent and my doctor, and finally receiving a series of Ketamine infusions, I am ecstatic to report that my pain and depression are finally symptoms I have overcome. The infusions have completely transformed me from a sufferer into a conquer. My perception has changed in an amazing way, I no longer feel bound by my diagnosis and destined to be in pain and depressed for the rest of my life; I finally feel hopeful and I'm looking forward to a pain-free and enjoyable future. I highly recommend Springs Ketamine Infusions, especially for patients who have tried other unsuccessful treatments and are ready for a new way of life, one that provides hope and positive change. Brent is a rare person who provides these treatments for patients because he has a passion for helping people, and it is obvious in experiencing his patient interaction. I always felt very comfortable, very well-cared-for, and was always well educated in the process and as to what I should expect. Brent was very professional and thorough and I felt at-ease asking him anything that I wanted to know. I could not have asked for a better professional to have experienced this journey with. I will forever be grateful for my experience with Springs Ketamine Infusions and I hope that many others will benefit as I have.


Springs Ketamine Infusions is locally owned and operated by the most caring, supportive and professional people I've ever met. I suffered severe CRPS after a routine lumbar fusion. The burning pain was completely debilitating and traditional medication and sympathetic nerve blocks offered no relief. At the time, providers weren't available in Colorado Springs so I had to travel to Denver many times. It finally worked, an absolute miracle, and I was able to get my life back. In addition, it has the benefit of eradicating depression, anxiety, PTSD and more which I didn't realize I'd developed until it was gone. Fortunately I found Springs Ketamine Infusions last fall which allows me to receive booster treatments as needed for the pain and depression. Had I started here, I would have saved so much time and money. The treatments with Springs Ketamine Infusions are the least expensive in the U.S.. As an anesthesiologist, Brent is masterful at infusions and he closely monitors your safety. The environment is comfortable, clean and welcoming. Most importantly, he really cares about helping people, it's not about the money with him. In addition, he has a pain clinic in Colorado Springs where I receive more traditional therapies between infusions such as trigger point injections (they are awesome and no one else does them!). Most Ketamine Infusion providers are Psychiatrists so having a pain management provider offering infusions is a huge benefit. I used to work in the medical field for many years (Neurology, Psychiatry, pain management) and I am constantly impressed by his knowledge and passion. If anyone would like to speak to me about my experience I'm happy to talk to you one on one as this is something too important to ignore. My name is Micki and my number is 719-725-1055.

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